For the past 20 years of my life, I’ve had the pleasure of working at one of the premier privately held companies in San Diego.  Profound professional experiences and growth contributed to an incredible journey as the company successfully grew from under 100 employees to over 500 employees.  Friendships were built that will last a lifetime.

However, I have decided to follow a passion and dream of mine to open an Accountancy Corporation focusing on privately held business and individuals.

Being a part of the San Diego business scene for the past twenty-five years, I have collaborated and been a colleague, a friend, a mentor, a learner, or an acquaintance to some of the finest business people in town.  I believe there is much to offer to the privately held business owner.  It is estimated there are over 22 million self-employed individuals in the US along with approximately 90% of the 6 million plus companies in the US having less than twenty employees.

It is my goal to bring a high level of service to this sector.  By being a central point of contact for financial matters, we can help connect the dots on more than just the numbers.  It is a comprehensive approach that not only allows the business owner to understand the financial numbers, but one that allows them to work “on” their business rather than always “in” the business.  Whether it is tax planning, understanding risk management, asset protection, from marketing to human resources, I look to partner with you and provide value, service and insight that would be reserved for those that could only hire a seasoned, full-time CFO level employee.

For those privately held corporations with 20 plus employees up to 1,000 plus employees, I look to partner with you as a resource to “strengthen your bench”.

Thank you for visiting Quest AFS, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

All my best — David