Advisory & Consulting

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Is your business just starting, looking for an outside perspective or experiencing significant growth?  Do you need accounting management, planning, oversight, or transparency across all aspects of your business?

Many businesses could use a seasoned CFO, without the full-time commitment.

Quest AFS gives your business the expertise across all these areas, giving your business a solid financial foundation.

Quest AFS will meet with you to evaluate your initial needs and determine what other areas of the business are affected. Bringing ideas and identifying proactive financial solutions, we’ll work together to formulate a short-term and long-term comprehensive plan.

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Specific services

Quest AFS helps individuals and businesses like yours with professional, world-class advisory services.

  • Outsourced CFO / Controller Services
    • Assess current state of accounting controls
      • Recommendations for efficiencies and streamlining of accounting and financial processes
    • Assess current state of accounting and finance teams
      • Oversight of accounting team
    • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flow
      • Financial data analysis / Key performance indicators (KPI’s)
      • Revenue and Expense Analysis
      • Accounts Receivable, Inventory valuation and Cost accounting
    • Evaluate strategic procedures
    • Forensic Accounting
      • Construct GAAP Financial Statements
      • Business or employee fraud investigations
      • Determine economic damage
    • Banking and Capital Structure
      • Strategic partner in review of capital structure
      • Review current or proposed banking facility
      • Recommendations and negotiations with banks on new terms and loan conditions
    • Cash management
      • Cash flow management
      • Treasury management (interest rates, foreign exchange, loans)
      • Payment processing – efficient systems of Wire, ACH, Credit Card, Checks and Cash
      • Establish appropriate internal controls on limits, positive pay for checks, ACH positive piay
    • Ensure compliance with Federal, State and local laws
      • Corporate Tax
      • Sales and Use Tax
      • Medical Device Tax
      • Annual filing requirements
      • Business registrations
    • Corporate Risk Management and Insurance
      • Commercial Insurance – property, product liability, employee dishonestly
      • Cargo Insurance
    • Human Resources
      • Health Insurance, Comprehensive Benefits including leave, 401(k), Section 125 plans, life insurance and disability plans
    • Commodities Expertise
      • Precious Metals – gold, platinum, palladium and silver
      • Hedging of inventory exposed to market price risks
      • Contract review for the procurement of commodities
  • Financial Consulting & Advisory for Individuals
    • Personal financial statements
      • Applying for credit, loan or mortgage
    • Personal insurance
      • Home, umbrella, life, disability, auto and other
      • Strategic partner in providing you multiple options and quotes through our network of brokers
    • Retirement planning
      • Minimizing income tax through SEP IRA, Roth IRA, IRA re-characterization, Cash Value Insurance policies
      • Section 529 and Coverdell ESA for education
      • Providing resources and explanations that make it easy to understand
    • Home financing / Property taxes
      • Extensive network for mortgage loans for both new home purchases and refinancings
    • Evaluate major purchases and financing
      • Before making a decision on a life changing purchase, allow us to review the transaction
    • Entity selection
      • Operating as a sole proprietorship, self-employed
      • Advantages and disadvantages of S Corporation vs C Corporation selection
      • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
      • Partnerships
    • Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017
      • Impact varies depending on personal situation as well as business situation
      • Understand the changes as they apply to you and your business